Pitigliano – Coats of Arms and Statues

Pitigliano is an ancient and very peculiar village as you have seen in these last days but flowers ha gong all over and its stunning view are not the only things that makes it so special.

It’s a village with a load of History on his back and its very peculiar way to show off the symbols of power are very interesting as well.

You could expect eagles and lions but nope!

Here you can find piglets and donkeys ☺️

How not to fall in love with it? 😍

6 thoughts on “Pitigliano – Coats of Arms and Statues

    1. Nope, it’s the same statue, one shot is taken from the front and the other from the side. It was so peculiar and changed the perspective so much that I have decided to include both of them. It’s located in a square and on one side there is a bar but I think it’s very interesting to see what it evocates in others mind. ☺️ We see a picture and of course we don’t have the context. We fill the missing information with what is more suitable in our head and I totally agree, this starue would have been perfect at the entrance of a garden🤗😍

    1. This is a question for my friend Manja because she knows this village much better than me. I assume that this place has very humble origins and this village has been built so high on the rocks that the only way to afford this difficult task and building here was the help of a donkey.

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