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Normally we make discover our countries to foreigners… in my case it’s happening the opposite!

Manja is making me discovering small villages of Italy that I have never visited before!

Of course, it would take a life time to discover the wonders of this country, that it would be rather difficult because usually I live abroad!

We met after 4 months of pause, uniquely due to the damn Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s always fun, nothing changed, except that this time there was also her sister and a friend of them.

It has been a very nice getaway.

We met in Saturnia, we moved to Pitigliano and then Sovana, all of them in Tuscany.

I want to start by showing you Pitigliano because I really liked it and I hope you will like it too ☺️

11 thoughts on “Pitigliano – View

  1. I’m so happy that we got together and went to Pitigliano of all places. I was certain that you had visited it already since you have seen so much of Italy. San Galgano Abbey next! πŸ˜‰ And let’s not forget: you were only in Slovenia for a few days and have showed me at least three parts of my country that I have never seen before: the insides of two churches (Ljubljana Orthodox and the one in Bohinj) plus that amazing door in Ljubljana!!

    1. Absolutely yes and we cannot wait to see you in person!πŸ€— Yes, I am avoiding transports in common and by the way these places are so remote that car is much more practical.

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