Rome – The Season of Love

This post couldn’t have a better title.

What you’ll see here is the proof of true love!

Unfortunately I cannot document it for other species!

I have started paying attention to pigeons during the lock down for Covid-19.

I tend to specify it as there are already negationists around the globe that are bragging and swearing that it’s not true.

While the virus kills humans, all the other species enjoy this wonderful planet.

Since the 3rd of June we have attained the phase 3 in Italy.

This means that it is not over, despite of what idiots say.

I am working from home for a Spanish company in this period and of course I am subject to their bank holidays.

Last Monday I took advantage of one of those to come back to Villa Pamphili.

I have always loved this place, since I was a child and I still do it ❤️

I was waking around when I noticed these scene.

I stayed there for a while, observing and taking shots that, in my humble opinion, are of a tenderness that words cannot express.

They close their eyes when they kiss, the kisses on the neck and the closeness…

I would wait twice before saying that these lovely creatures don’t have a soul or feelings, I would wait also a couple of centuries!

I am certain of one thing only, but I we are not superior to anyone and we will never be.

25 thoughts on “Rome – The Season of Love

  1. So beautiful…. Personally i received a message from you in your post. Thank you so much!

    1. Anche a me ha fatto lo stesso effetto. Stavo abbastanza vicino ma non abbastanza per accorgermi, per esempio, che chiudevano gli occhi… Questi dettagli me li hanno rivelati le foto, più tardi. Una cosa commovente, davvero

  2. Amazing photos! These are some of the most tender moments I have ever seen.
    Thank you for these beautiful catches🙂

    1. You’re very welcome Christie, they surprised me a lot a swell, despite the fact that I was assisting to these lovely scenes. The photos revealed details that I hadn’t caught while shooting 😍

  3. A very endearing post.
    Who or what negates? The virus? Are they all crazy or what?
    I look at the figures for Italy almost daily. The curves are good. And it’s already been one month, in other words, two “periods”. That is good news. Good enough to stay careful. But I imagine the Italians, like the French are now only concerned about holidays, right?
    (Glad you still have an on-line job. Your industry has been hit bad…)
    Buona sera Flavia.

    1. Yep, here there are a bunch of people, especially among young people that states the virus is an invention of government to manipulate their people. The everlasting quest of idiocy! Yes, the numbers are good but the virus is unpredictable. On top of that I don’t trust people! They are all doctors and professors! People speak of things they don’t know and prefer to believe a nice lie than stick to the mere and ugly truth! Yes, a lot of people are discussing about holidays and people are booking like crazy in structures of the South and sea side villages. It is undoubtedly good for the economy, I just hope they will behave responsibly. On the other side yes, my sector has been severely damaged. There are hotels that will never open again and a lot that are waiting for better times. I cannot even tell you how much I miss working in a hotel but adaptation is essential to survive so we go ahead, with a considerable effort, head up and move on 💪☺️

      1. I suspect this is really an epidemic of global idiocy. I look back and wonder: were humans that stupid back in the days? I guess they were but hiding it…
        I’m glad you’re adapting. Stay safe.

        1. Yes, I think we have always been like that but now Facebook and other socials have casted long shadows on us and took off any doubt🤦🏻‍♀️I try not to ashame Darwin more than others 🤣 I am still the tourism industry, focusing on marketing and communications for small structures. I am out of my comfort zone because the segment I am addressing too is completely different from the 5 stars where I used to work but do you know what? There is always something to learn and I like that! 💪

          1. That’s interesting. Small structures may actually survive better than large ones. Less overhead? And they also need more advice. The “Boutique” route is a good segment, I think. Take care Flavia

          2. Yes, you are right. I used to work mainly in boutique hotels but at the moment they are all suffering for the lack of reservations. Down here only the South and the coast are well performing. Cities seem to be abandoned.

          3. Abandoned? I imagine a bit like Paris after the Bataclan killings? There was not a tourist in sight. They’ll come back. Eventually. Buona notte.

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