Ostia – Quarantine with couples of Pigeons

I have found some more shots of my beloved pigeons during the Quarantine days.

These are only couples.

And while humans were locked down, arguing and quarreling all the time, the couples of Animal Kingdom were enjoying some spare time together!

I think that we are all but social !

There are people who enjoy some other’s presence just because they cannot stand to be alone and because they need martyrs to annoy with their complexes and bad temper.

In the natural world it never happens!

Staying together is always a pleasure and no-one is beaten, insulted, annoyed or humiliated.

Living together is a choice, an act of love and respect. They don’t need everlasting promises of rings!

They simply choose a companion, for an hour or for the whole life… and I would say they are far beyond our childish and insane attitudes!

10 thoughts on “Ostia – Quarantine with couples of Pigeons

    1. Charlieeee, I am terribly late with my mail but more pigeons are coming! Yours look slightly different, I went on the web to check. They have a white spot on the neck, isn’t it? By the way they are lovely!

      1. Yes, they are rather dopey but very attractive. I couldn’t get near enough for a picture which is a shame, as one of them just sat in the water I put out for the birds. Hey, don’t worry about the timing of your email; life has a habit of getting in the way of many of the things we want to do. Sleep well.

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