12 thoughts on “Montecalvello – Doors

  1. Yeahh, doors! I remember all of these except the first one with many parallel boards. But my favourite photo is of the arch with the lamp on top. <3 Why don’t you link to Norm and leave the link in a comment to his Thursday Doors?

  2. As someone once said: “When one door closes, another slams in your face”. I only mention this as it is the one humorous quote regarding doors that I can think of!

  3. Excellent post and a gorgeous collection as usual. So much old beauty and quaint peaceful little towns. You are truly blessed to have all of this so close to home. Thanks for sharing these 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome Norm 😉 I used to take a very few pictures of doors before but since I know Manja and you now I always give it a thought when I see a nice door!

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