Patagonia (Part 1)

I have hundreds of photos from this amazing trip to Patagonia that I took last October.

I don’t know even where to start to put some order in all of my shots, so little by little I have finally decided to share it with you.

It has been an unforgettable experience and it increased my awareness towards environmental issues, like global warming and ice melting.

It’s a drama, indeed, but it’s amazing all the shapes that the ice can take, how it lives and modifies according to external events.

I always bear in mind that we are part of this beauty and we all have our responsabilities, even if we live miles away from this place. No excuses!

21 thoughts on “Patagonia (Part 1)

  1. Ice ice baby! That really was such a sight, Perito Moreno? We went photo-crazy there too. Though as I remember, it was one of the few glaciers that were actually growing bigger. Well, at least back then it was, 6 years ago. Nice pics! πŸ€—

    1. Yes, we have made a 2 days cruise. Now it’s threatened as all of the other glaciers of the planet and it’s melting down but it’s an impressive view anyway 😍

        1. I understand what you mean, at the same time I think that nothing compares the experience but the only way to fix some details it’s the camera! I hate when details fade away in my memory!

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