Rome – Castel Sant’Angelo – Doors

Very extraordinarily I finally remember that today it’s a Thursday and this post is meant for the Art lovers, Manja who is still obsessed by doors and Norm with its Thursday Doors!

Don’t get accustomed to these kind of things because you know I have a terrible memory but I am glad to participate from times to times ☺️

This was a visit that took place last January with a very close friend of mine.

It started in the afternoon and ended at night because there was so much to see.

I don’t have many doors to show you because normally I am much more attracted by windows but I hope you will enjoy the view anyway!

Have a nice day!

20 thoughts on “Rome – Castel Sant’Angelo – Doors

    1. Yes, I am fairly sure it is from middle age. It is difficult to say because this place has been renovated so many times during the centuries that, just like for the rest of the city, it’s not uncommon to see objects and styles of different ages ☺️

        1. I have never been there so I am very curious to see it and of course to know your perspective. Bear that in mind! I am sure you will do a great a job🤗🎉

  1. Thanks for joining us this week Flavia 🙂
    The painted one is beautiful and the iron one in the third shot looks like it must weigh a ton.

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