12 thoughts on “Zagreb – Faces

    1. This is really a good question! I would choose the most scary one and then put a sign “keep out”. I have problems with my neighborhood in this period. It would be really helpful 😈🤣

  1. As I was scrolling I was thinking “wonder what this sculptor was thinking??”
    One could even use these for writing prompts! 😉

      1. Well spotty is probably the best description at the moment. Still seeing clusters of the illness popping up here and there. I think it is because people lapse in paying attention and not washing their hands, or wearing masks. There is so much misinformation floating around and people here are very into “it’s a conspiracy “ “the government is taking away our rights “ etc. Idiots don’t stop to think that it is their very own actions that are helping spread the illness. Too many still won’t wear masks. Many very angry at how the government has handled things.

        1. It’s always easier to blame someone else! 🤦🏻‍♀️ They are not wearing masks here neither! I am starting to worry for the economy, I just don’t care about these idiots, the problem is that the two things are dramatically intertwined 😤

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