Ostia – Seagulls and Cormorants

The story of today is a real one and it regards 2 improbable friends belonging to 2 different species, a cormorant and a seagull.

The sequence is exactly how I have witnessed the scene. At the beginning there were 2 seagulls, then one decided to leave. The cormorant and the remaining seagull turn to watch the second seagull go.

They seemed perplexed and then they seemed consult themselves…

The remaining seagull didn’t seem to intend to go anywhere.

On the contrary it was enjoying the fresh air of the early morning and the first rays of sun while its friend was enjoying sunbathing and drying.

I have found moving the closeness of these 2 birds, belonging to different species that could stay so close, almost touching, enjoying the sea, the sun, the air and nothing else!

We have so much to learn from them and yes, of course they were enjoying our absence as well!

Normally this place is always crowded of people and cormorants tend to stay on a row of rocks not far from the bridge while seagulls tend to stop on the top of the buildings.

It’s been amazing to see them so close for so much time, just like it was made on purpose, enjoying the landscape but, most of all, the each other presence!

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      1. Todo bien, Flavia. Gracias! Vamos lentitos como caracoles 🐌, pero vamos… Es una historia preciosa la que has creado con estas fotografías 😊

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