Ostia – Quarantine with the Birds (Part 3)

I am finally going out at dawn but in the afternoon I still enjoy 1 hour of sun in the balcony with all the birds that stop close to it!

What about you? In your countries… How your daily routine has changed?

Take care, don’t take risks 💪

13 thoughts on “Ostia – Quarantine with the Birds (Part 3)

  1. Sorry if it makes me sound crazy but I always say hello to the pigeons in Manchester; it is not as if they have a very nice life. Is your last picture a Pied Flycatcher? Thanks btw for your email.

    1. My pleasure, Charlie 😊 for the bird yes, it seems you are right. I ignore most of their names. I post pictures of the birds and then some of you, the readers ☺️ tell me their names. We keep on learning things 💪 I think the rejection inspired from pigeons is like the one of other animals that ate not really cute but I am discovering a new world in these days. They are so peaceful and calm, they move fairly slowly with regards to other birds (this is why it is much more easy to take pictures of them) and then they have coloured and florescent collars! They are curious and very caring with each other. To make it short, I just love them 😍

  2. As we are retired, we have had to change our walking paths and times to keep social distancing up, now that the paths have more people. But, we still marvel at the birds. They are the one constant. Stay well.

    1. What a peculiar period, isn’t it? Who could imagine tat we would have experienced something like that. But luckily we can still tell to other people how we feel, what we do, what we miss. We are still humans💪

  3. I don’t know if birds actually think about how they look, but if they could see your photographs, I think they would be amazed to see how beautiful they are. I love your pictures.

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