Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

I have been nominated for this award by Cindi.

I didn’t know this award so I went looking for more information… Vincent seems a nice guy, I have landed on his instagram account and I have found this photo.

It made me smile, especially for the last point! I am my own cheerleader, this is soooo true! But I also enjoy when others contributes to my happiness!


  • Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog.
  • Make a post of the award (with a photo).
  • Post the rules.
  • Ask 5-10 questions of your choice.
  • Nominate 10-30 other bloggers.

My answers to Cindi’s questions :

  • What are you most proud of accomplishing?

My job. I am very proud of it. It costed me time and sacrifices but I would do it again hundreds of times because it makes me happy!

  • How frequently do you take photos and what is your favorite subject?

I take my camera with me in everyday life and of course when I travel. I like to take pictures of whatever it captures my attention, preferably of architecture details, animals, the sea and much more (the tag section of this blog is a good example!).

  • What is the best thing about getting older and why?

It’s definitely that you get wiser! That it doesn’t mean you do not do mistake any more, but simply you see things in a different way.

  • What three books are on your to-read list right now?

The Psychologist – Ellen Flood

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafón (for the second time)

Terra Alta – Cercas

  • What are your favorite things of your town or city where you live right now?

I am in Rome now… so in this case my answer will definitely be ARCHITECTURE!

  • Who is your role model?

I don’t think I really have one… but I admire resilient people.




Patrick Jennings

Lynette d’Arty-Cross


I premise that you don’t have to feel the obligation to do the same. Feel free to do whatever you want! I am reading of too many bloggers that feel frustrated when they are nominated!

It does not mean anything! It’s just an occasion to tell you that I enjoy to read you. There are no consequences if you don’t jump in! 😊


What makes you happy?

What are you grateful for?

Why are you blogging?

Your favorite book and why?

What country would you like to visit when borders will be opened again ?

I wish a nice Sunday to all of you 😘