Ostia Lido – Sunsets on the Beach (Part 12)

After 2 months of lock down, tomorrow Italy comes back to a minimum dose of reality.

These photos have all been taken before this big mess.

I have spent 2 months listening to people complaining because they couldn’t do their social gatherings from dinners to after-hours and other fundamental things for their empty brains in empty existances.

I my humble opinion there is nothing to celebrate.

I don’t feel safe but of course this loosening will be good for the economy…

There are so many considerations that one could make.

I didn’t feel alone and I feel grateful for being alive.

I haven’t missed anybody but one thing…

THIS! ❤️

14 thoughts on “Ostia Lido – Sunsets on the Beach (Part 12)

  1. I understand. I’ve missed that too. Our state parks open back up tomorrow and Thursday we are heading to the beach with a picnic for an all day adventure. We have been able to go to the Wildlife Refuges throughout this lock down, but to be able to go to our favorite beach is going to be special. It’s a full nature beach that has no bars or restaurants or anything that promotes huge amounts of people congregating. Well…at least not drunk ones. I think we are opening way too soon here in Florida, but we will continue with our precautions and not get near people. At least for a while.

    1. Hi Lisa, it’s good tgsdt you can enjoy some wild places. Here they have been very strict on this point as well. I do not complain, I am just scared and I am afraid that the sacrifices made so far could be vanished by the same bunch of idiots. We’ll see, we’ll still have to wear masks, gloves and keep the distances…. Stay safe😘

      1. Same here. I think it is too soon to reopen Florida. I hope I’m wrong! We will continue to be diligent about what we are doing. Be safe yourself! Were in it together and I’ll pray that your community is healed and there are no relapses. 🙏🏻😊💜

        1. Thank you Lisa. I totally agree with you but unfortunately the reasons to reopen are dictated by the economy than our safety. I don’t blame anyone but those who say that this virus is a fake and they behave like it was not a real danger!

          1. I agree with that. The numbers keep going up and now the Trump admin believe that we will have a total of over 200,000 dead by the end of June since we are reopening too soon. That is the stupidest thing ever. Our President needs to go in November!

  2. I was recently reminded of the fact that Anne Frank stayed in an attic for two years. Our isolation has been minor by comparison.

    Good luck on the loosening and stay safe. Go out when you feel comfortable with it. ❤️

    1. Yes, it’s just that people do not realize at what point they are still lucky and all that they have! There is a high price to pay for this lack of concern and I am afraid that the worse has yet to come 😔

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