Ostia – Colours on a cloudy day

Looking for some colours on a cloudy day…

After the yesterday discovery that 1/4 of my blog has blown away because of someone else’s incompetence and superficiality I was pretty shocked!

Now it’s over. I am trying to restore what I can but part of the damaged posts are gone for good.

There are worse issues in life so I’ve decide to take it as Manja said, as a robbery!

And now head up, we will look ahead, looking for some colours on a cloudy day, today like when I took these shots, several months ago.

24 thoughts on “Ostia – Colours on a cloudy day

  1. Wow! What a huge bummer to lose so much if your work. I can imagine you how you would be super shocked!
    These kites are fabulous, so colorful and alive!

    1. Thank you Arati. Yes, I felt really bad yesterday because of that but luckily life goes on. I will never do a migration again. This is for sure! 💪

    1. I have started migrating the blog in December and I have always had troubles and bug, since the very beginning, opened tickets with the actual assistance and asked for help to WP as well… but it’s always someone else’s fault. They are accusing each other and not fixing issues. Until a couple of days ago all of the pictures were perfectly visible…until I have decide to get rid of the old blog. I suppressed and, all of a sudden, I have lost some pictures here as well! This is so insane🤦🏻‍♀️no more migrations, seriously! Next time that I want to change something I will close this one and open a new one, it will take me less time, energy and frustration!

        1. It is… I think that part of my frustration relies on the fact I am facing a similar situation at work as well. I am not receiving the proper assistance from two of our providers and I have to fix bugs and technical issues by myself… but I am not a technician! If only everyone would do his/her job!

          1. Yep! 😳 Let’s keep our finger crossed, hopefully I have found a way to restore them! 💪As usual, I would say! All by myself!😈

    1. Digging into my old emails I have found one of the original WP. I have just wrote them. Hopefully I could restore all of the damaged posts if they grant me the access to the dismissed blog. I should have 30 days. It will be a crazy work because I will have to copy them one by one and this time I’ll do it by myself. The trust is over. Let’s see when and if they reply. Fingers crossed, my dear!

  2. Hola, Flavia, lo siento mucho (soy Olga😉). De hecho me costó encontrar la forma de seguirte desde mi nuevo sitio y lo conseguí, pero no sé cómo. Eres una mujer muy positiva, creo, y siempre es buen momento para recomenzar. 🤗

    1. Rocío, hola querida! Que tal estás? No te digo que pesadilla con esta mudanza de servidor! Espero que haber encontrado la manera de ajustar todo o por lo menos una parte. Te he hechado de menos aquí en WP. Que ganas de releer tus cuentos y admirar tus dibujos! 🤗

      1. Yo también te he echado de menos. Ahora la línea del blog es más narrar ficciones, relatos y acompañarlos de una ilustración. O bien un dibujo que narre por sí mismo. Me alegro de que puedas recuperar algo de tu trabajo. Estamos en contacto!! 🤗

    1. I will take care of that. I don’t trust them anymore. It will take a while but I prefer to do it by myself instead of relying on them once again? 😈

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