Copenhagen – Rundetaarn

The thing that I have loved the most in Copenhagen has been the Rundertaarn (Round Tower).

It’s a construction of XVII century, incorporated in the Trinitatis Complex.

It’s a cylindrical tower, built alternating yellow and red bricks.

There are no stairs, only a lovely spiral ramp that I have enjoyed it a lot.

In 1728 a fire severely damaged the structure but it has promptly rebuilt.

It has been an observatory for centuries and it’s observatory deck is located 34,8m above the street level.

Of couse nowadays the light pollution is too high but at the time it must have been amazing observing the stars from here!

Unfortunately this time the quality of the photos is very poor but my souvenir is still vivid because this place transmitted me so many good vibes and brought me back to my childhood.

That day there was an exposition of a Danish illustrator, Svend Otto.

I am fairly sure I have never read any of his books but it felt immediately familiar.

There is something about his way of drawing that I find irresistible.

The visit has been short and intense but worth a second one for sure!

I remind you that from here you also have the most impressive view on the city and its roofs.