Ostia – Quarantine with the Birds

All of these shots have been taken from my balcony during the lock down.

Sometimes the only thing that changes is the way you see the world around you…

I had never realized before how many species populated this district and there are many other species that are missing in this post because they do not use to stop nearby here.

11 thoughts on “Ostia – Quarantine with the Birds

    1. Yes, I am glad about it. Do you know if took me a while to understand that the nice singing that I liked the most, was the one of the blackbirds? I am learning to recognize them! 💪

  1. Ciao Flavia, anch’io sono in ritiro con volatili…e infatti li ho puntualmente pubblicati. Una fortuna comunque poter osservare un briciolo di natura anche da casa. Buona continuazione!

    1. Assolutamente si. Anche perché ho dei vicini vandali maleducati. Se dovessi basarmi solo su di loro mi prenderebbe una depressione tremenda e invece è un piacere osservare sti esserini😍 buon sabato🤗

  2. Love it when birds visit my yard. Unfortunately the majority of them these days seem to be noisy crows. I long for the old days when robins would visit. Stay well.

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