26 thoughts on “Nea Kallikrateia Coast – Flowers

    1. I have just read your comment, Charlie, and I am so sad to hear that. Do not loose your strength of mind, I hope you are not alone and that you have no symptoms. There is a bunch of people that has been properly cured so I am confident that everything is going to be fine 💪 give me your news whenever you can/want. I am always available for a chat and if I can make you company in this difficult moment I will be glad to do that. Courage, my dear 💪😘

  1. These are really lovely splashes of colours. Grazie! It’s going well but I hate the fact that now I have to stroll with bestia wearing the mask that the province of Tuscany provided for free. What for? To scare the rabbits? We don’t meet anybody. I have seen five people in a month from afar. But cars still pass and I could get a fine once the rule is put in effect.

    1. I know my dear. It does not have much sense but it seems the virus stays in the air for a while so let’s say that someone walked in fromt of your door or around your house a couple of minutes before you go out, you might catch this damn virus. Let’s take it as a n extra precaution!

  2. Our local state legislature has voted to allow churches to continue to hold services for Easter Sunday and say that our state governor’s state at home order is unconstitutional. I am appalled, even as a Christian believer. We can watch online services from any number of churches and continue to worship AT HOME. I fail to understand the stupidity of our society here…

    1. My dear Shauna, you see me shocked with is revelation 😳 when stupidity prevails on common sense there is not much left to say! The first thing that came to my mind is that they might want to keep the Christians votes but this is so not time for political campaigns! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. I think that it depends on our attitude and behavior. I know people that are driving others crazy and I the black chronicles are back with cases of extraordinary foolishness and violence🤦🏻‍♀️😩 we need to focus on beautiful things 💪☺️

    1. Hi Sue, yes, I can see from the WP statistics that this post has been much appreciated and I am very glad about. We need to focus on good things ☺️💪

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