23 thoughts on “Rome – Windows of Rione Campo Marzio (Part 3)

    1. I’ll do that! I have a secret: I put loud music on and everything disappears! I used to go to the beach before but now I cannot despite the fact that it’s very close! I used to love the silence but now it might result somehow disturbing because I know it’s not “normal”… and so music became my best company in these crazy days! You too, take care 💪☺️

  1. Ciao Flavia, ciao… Thank you for the photos. Seem a bit unreal, right? A time when one could go out in the street. Anywhere, anytime.
    I hope you and your family are all right. From what I read in the news every day, it would seem that the numbers in Italy are slowing down. Fingers crossed. Stay safe.

    1. Hi Equinoxio, yes… So it seems but the progress is slow because people keep on going outside just like everything was normal🤦🏻‍♀️ we have more denounced people than infected! It’s incredible… The lack of respect and consciousness… When I read the press babbling about the unity and cohesion of this country I always wonder who, when, how… The only efficient reply to this virus has been shown by the Chineses, that with good or bad manners, have kicked it out… All the rest is speculation, fantasy and the selfishness of some individuals that should spend the rest of their days in jail! But we resist, yes, I only go out when my fridge is empty! 💪😅

      1. More denounced than infected? That would an interesting additional curve… Why am I not surprised? Humanity has so easily gone back to its usual selfish nature. Like you say, the only efficient response has been by the Chinese. The Koreans (Asians). Singapore (More Chinese…) Sigh.
        Empty fridge? No on-line shopping available? So far we’ve managed to do all our grocery shopping on-line. Though basic commodities (rice, eggs, are beginning to lack…)
        Be good.

        1. Yes, I would love to see it superimposed to the curve of the infected! These guys should end their days in jail, studied by psychologists!
          Would you believe that? In this district of Rome the on line shopping is so not developed that there are hours of queueing in the web to place your order and months of waiting to get it! 🤦🏻‍♀️ But as usual, there are abuses… Last week the police has fined an old lady who used to go to the supermarket 11 times per day!!! I imagine that they are misbehaving with the on-line orders as well! 😩

          1. Humans are crazy… I want a desert island. Now! 🙏🏻😎
            Now I’ve heard the same stories of overloading the online shopping in France. here in Mexico (underdeveloped country), it still is working well. They deliver in one or two days. Let’s see how it goes as demand increases…
            Stay safe.
            Buona sera Flavia

          2. I want a desert island as well! Humankind scares me more than the virus and any other thing in this world🤦🏻‍♀️ it has always been like this and I think it will go on like that!

          3. I’m afraid so. And indeed there is no limit to Human… cruelty… Let’s keep watch and preserve our European democracies… Our ancestors fought hard to obtain it.

          4. Ah, ah, you’re coming to my point! For no reason I would like to live under a dictatorship but we need extreme measures to fight this plague and democracy seems to be utterly inappropriate for this country🤦🏻‍♀️

          5. Definitely. I have always been a fervent defender of Democracy. Seen too much damage of absolute rulers. But now? I’m getting my doubts. If democracies put Trumps or Johnsons or Savinis into power, we need to finetune the rules…

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