Ostia Lido – Quarantine with the pigeons! (Part 1)

While some people pretend that everything is perfectly fine and there is no danger for anyone.

I stay home and look outside from time to time.

There are some pine trees close to my balcony and pigeons like to rest there.

They are beautiful creatures, I used to take pictures of them when I was young… so let’s go back to the origins!

Have a nice day!

23 thoughts on “Ostia Lido – Quarantine with the pigeons! (Part 1)

  1. Hey, your pigeons look far healthier than the ones we get in Manchester! I always feel sorry for them feeding off scraps and rubbish but they seem to adapt well to circumstances, and deserve as much respect as any other living creature.

    1. My dear Manja, I had not the time yet. I am overwhelmed of work in these days but I’ll have a look for sure later. I definitely want to do another post… so that we all can remember how happy the other species were without us! 🤣😈

    1. I think that after all these days we almost know each other 🤣 and I suspect that one of them stole my mask hanging on the balcony, because the other day there was no wind at all! 😜🤣

        1. Yes, they drove me crazy! 🤣I hanged it, than went to the bathroom to grab the gloves and when I came back to the balcony the mask was gone😳🤔🤣

  2. Lovely! I love hearing them coo. At the hospital where I work, they had to install wiring prong things along the window sills and overhangs of walkways because birds roost and create quite a mess on the sidewalks below. Bird leavings on people’s shoes inside a hospital do not create a very clean environment. Pigeons are resourceful, they still find spots to roost !

      1. Census fairly low right now because all elective surgeries are cancelled. Seeing a slight upswing in coronavirus cases this week. Far from what New York or even Kansas City area is seeing, but we are expecting a surge this next couple of weeks as people get “itchy” and try to travel or do things in spit of the stay at home order we have in place here in Kansas.

        1. Same thing here. It seems people are planning to travel and reach the coast! This is craziness, just like if they were children that cannot accept a no! To be fined is not enough, it’s a dangerous behavior for the whole community and completely disrespectful towards those that are working in hospitals or police forces.

    1. Yes, they are so cute! I have never realized before all the species that are populating this zone. I’d like to make another post on about them and the other birds… ☺️

    1. Thank you Shaily ☺️ stay safe, this mess is not meant to leave us not even in the next months, be patient and keep on focusing on beauty! We all need some in our lives ☺️💪

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