Ostia Lido – Birds chilling out

n these lock down days I am missing the sea just like if it was a person, even more!

I have always had the feeling that I could talk to it and it was replying me!

The sea does not judge but knows how to listen…

I like to think that birds and other species are finally having fun out there, chilling out, as they used to do before!

There won’t be anyone now to bother and threaten them.

Have a nice day guys, and bear in mind that staying home is a good action for your species and, most of all, for the other ones!

14 thoughts on “Ostia Lido – Birds chilling out

  1. Realmente parece que te saludan, Flavia. En la segunda foto solo hace falta que digan “y tú qué quieres” 😄 Geniales. Tus pájaros me hablan. Gracias!!

    1. De nada amiga mía! Me encanta mirar a los animales, son un ejemplo mucho más alto de respecto y amabalid de lo que nunca seremos nosotros y me encanta cuando nos miramos de ambas partes. A veces puede ver una sombra de miedo y lamentablemente lo entiendo perfectamente… otra vez, en cambio, hay solo curiosidad, como en el caso de la segunda foto que citas tú ☺️ tenemos tanto que aprender de ellos, para empezar: mirar sin molestar! 💪☺️

    1. Yes, I am sure about it! I am so desperate that in these days I am taking pictures of pigeons and other birds from my balcony! I live close to the sea but not enough to see it, but I need nature in my life… I have had enough of people! 😜

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