Rome – Domes

You know I am passionated by roofs but today I want to propose you some famous and less known dome of Rome.

Romans use to say that here we have more churches than homes and it’s almost true…

Enjoy the view!

A curiosity: in the pictures here below the blue ones are capers representations. It’s very common to find similar ceramic decorations in the balconies of South of Italy.

There capers are very common to find and they are used abundantly in many regional dishes.

11 thoughts on “Rome – Domes

  1. I always find these domes and spires interesting. Can you imagine being a worker up there building those!? I have a fear of heights so it is both inspiring and frightening!

    1. You are so right Shauna. Especially if you consider that when they have built them there were no means nor rules to work safely. Despite that the result is still impressive 😍

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