Rome – Windows of Quartiere Salario

Quartiere Salario is the smallest district of Rome.

I often post pictures from its biggest district (Ostia Lido), in the outskirts, but today let’s virtually move to the very center.

How many of you are spending some time by the window, waiting for this plague to pass or just sunbathing a little bit?

I do a lot lately, at least for the sun, I grab my mobile and spend some time on the phone talking to my friends.

Have you noticed something strange?

The people who used to call you before this mess were the same that are calling you now, checking in, giving you just a ring in order to know if you are fine or need something.

Those who pretended to be busy and overwhelmed by everyday life are the same that still don’t call you, despite the fact that they have nothing to do!

Poor excuses are arrived to level zero and besides any reasonable doubt now you can see who are you real friends!

Considerations apart, I have another building in front of me and it does not look like at nine of these here above!

But I like to dream… 😊

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