Ostia Lido – Neptune Statue

Neptune Statue popped out, one night, some nights ago.

It’s located very close to the central Pier so it’s pretty easy to find it!

This is an ongoing mistery, from times to times someone add another statue and the water is a recurring element!

People has embraced this original form of art and enjoy their presence.

Stay tuned for the presentation of the third and last statue!

16 thoughts on “Ostia Lido – Neptune Statue

    1. Thank you Charlie. Yes, I am at home and I keep on doing what I did before, I try to talk to myself and keep a positive dialogue with myself and the others… That is not always possible, but we try! I still need beauty in my life, now more than ever, and I think it’s the same for most of us. I am glad that I apported my contribution to your day! 🤗

  1. So happy to see your post and to know you are well. The numbers of people affected by COVID-19 in your country are terrifying. Prayers for this to end soon! And for YOUR well being!

    1. Thank you so much my dear. Yep, it seems that we are having a sad sad concurrency from other countries. I cannot wait for it to stop killing people 😩

      1. Likewise. Where I live we have had much illness but not many positive corona virus cases. Kansas City area is about 3-1/2 hours northeast of me and they have had many cases, and two deaths so far. A far cry from what Italy is going through. New York City is having an awful time. Many people crowded into not much space. I am hoping warmer weather will help decrease the cases.

        1. Yes, I have heard about this fact of the warm temperatures but I find some kind of incoherence as this bloody virus arrived to Africa as well😩

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