Ostia Lido – Storm and Statue

The strength of Mother Nature is something mystical.

These are some old photos that I always see with extreme pleasure.

The wind was strong, the air was fresh and salted and the roaring of the sea was the only sound you could hear.

The charm of a storm has nothing to do with the image of a quiet sea.

The statue is one of the mysterious form of Street Art that characterize Ostia.

Believe it or not but statues, here, pop up out of nothing, normally during the night!

This one was the Venus, I will show you the other statues of this mistery in the next days.

No one knows the author, no one knows the reason but I think it’s an outstanding form of art, especially when the sea is high!

26 thoughts on “Ostia Lido – Storm and Statue

  1. It’s such a contrasting image. The statue seems so peaceful, against the background of the storm. Utterly amazing!

  2. At first I thought it was Some type of trick photography but I went and had a look for more and there was Neptune as well. Does Roman have so many statues that they can just anonymously appear? But it is definitely fantastically wonderful thank you so much

  3. If we would see such a statue from behind the glass in bad weather, we would be really sorry for what was happening to the statue because we would think we were there. It happened to me in a city where I could see the image of a mermaid constantly haunted by waves, but on a normal day it was in total drought and it was very impressive. So in bad weather with rain and hurricane I felt like I was in the mermaid’s place.

        1. I have translated with Google so I hope I have understood. I am taking advantage of this damn lock down to make some cleaning among my photos! But of course I would have preferred to stay outside and take new ones!

          1. Even with google I write in English. Desire is great for staying out and doing miracles just as we are capable of doing. Take a stroll in various panoramic places or areas where there is a landscape. But by this time we need to be aware and stay inside and be patient until we are calm and “Covid-19” is withdrawn. At this time I have been trying to get photos from the archives but I am also trying to make some beautiful photos in my backyard. Hope for the best for you and beware of covid

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