Garganta del Diablo

This is the very last part dedicated to the Devil’s Throat (La Garganta del Diablo), located mainly in the Brazilian part of the national park.

The fact is that they are so wide and extended that you have another part also in the Argentiniam side.

These pictures will never render the beauty of this place.

I can only tell you that when you see the water colored in yellow or brown is because the Brazilian have destroyed lots of trees that used to retain the soil so now the water has this color!

When the guide told the whole history to us I suddenly felt overwhelmed with shame!

As a human being!

I felt responsible for bringing money to people who have devastated their habitat and also built a hotel inside a natural reserve!

It cannot last forever and I am convinced that Mother Nature is presenting us the bill.

I feel concerned because I like to travel and I cannot hide to myself that the mere fact of catching a flight has a huge impact on our planet.

We left the park with a sense of guilty, despite the breathtaking landscape…

5 thoughts on “Garganta del Diablo

  1. I don’t think the current Brazilian president is the best custodian of his country’s vast natural riches. The selfish and greedy behaviour of so many humans never fails to make me feel sick and despairing. Anyway, I hope you are keeping well and that when we are through the current crisis, you are able to visit the UK.

    1. Hi Charlie, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. Yes, I have a very long list of places to visit left! But first of all, when this mess will be over I hope that our politicians will pay the consequences for their actions!

      1. Hi. Good to hear from you; I am glad you are well. I am well, thanks. It is strange to look at the sky over my garden and see so few planes flying to America, which I normally see dozens of times a day. I feel uneasy about all the restrictions now in place but of course I know they are necessary. I am also disgusted by the way so many people behave in the shops and towards each other. Yes, there should be consequences but I doubt those at fault will ever pay the price. Take care and keep in touch.

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