Puerto Iguazú – Flowers

First day of Spring and I assume that most of us would be somewhere else or simply outside!

I always want to be somewhere else, always dreaming about exotic places I haven’t been yet, traveling and discovering new places, new cultures, new horizons…

But there are also some places that I have loved so much that I would fly back there if only I could.

Puerto Iguazú is one of those!

It’s on the Argentinian side, pretty close to the Brasilian border, and these shots have been taken last year when spring was just bursting with colors!

11 thoughts on “Puerto Iguazú – Flowers

  1. Hi. I was wondering how you are in these very challenging times. Glad to see that a positive vibe remains a constant in your writing, and photography.

    As ever, best wishes to you and good health!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I think that I need beauty in my life more than ever! In challenging times it comes out what we all have inside. This world is a mess but it is also an amazing place, despite us!!!

  2. So pretty, your shots. I especially like the leaves. We visited the Iguazu Falls in spring 2014 (December) but it was overcrowded and not a pleasant experience at all. Then I keep seeing other people’s posts of the place and it seems completely different! We did stay at a nice and somewhay exotic hotel in Puerto Iguazu, though.

    1. I am afraid that it is always crowded. I have been there last October and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lately I am having fun taking pictures of leaves, I am glad you have liked them ☺️

    1. I am so thankful as well. I always feel relieved and grateful when I see old pictures but actually these ones are acquiring a different value☺️

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