17 thoughts on “Zagreb – Botanical Garden (Part 2)

  1. Hola, Flavia.
    Qué bonitas flores, ya que no podemos disfrutar de ellas en el exterior alegra al menos verlas en fotos.

    Un saludo.

    1. Si, este blog me ayuda mucho en ver las cosas de manera distinta cuando todo me parece negro y reducido a una pesadilla! Seguimos adelante, aguantamos y recordamos todo lo que todavía nos lleva una sonrisa ☺️💪

  2. El anónimo de arriba soy yo, Paloma, amiga de Olga. Ella ilustra algunos relatos de mi blog al igual que hace con tus fotos.

    1. Encantada Paloma. Justo hoy he visitado tu blog pero no he logrado añadirte a los que sido 😳 he leído algo de lo que escribes y entiendo sin dificultad porqué le gustan tu relatos ☺️

    1. You’re very welcome Shauna and many thanks for your interest ❤️ it’s very kind of you! We resist and I try to keep up with a good mood and a positive attitude. I know lots of people that are depressed now, I don’t blame them, on the contrary I understand more than anyone the oppression of not being allowed to go outside but the risk would be worse. Tomorrow I absolutely need to buy some stuff and I don’t feel comfortable at all. Until it won’t be over, going outside is a nonsense to me now, it has lost the greatest part of its pleasure! So I enjoy the small things I have, day by day… one of the most sacred are friends and people who care, just like you 🤗

      1. I know you have said you are not religious necessarily. But I will be praying for your safety and protection from this horrible virus as you venture to get necessities!

        1. Thank you so much, Shauna. This is the beauty of respect and being open-minded. I have friends of many different religions around the world and the only thing they have in common is their big big heart! Thank you my dear❤️

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