39 thoughts on “Zagreb – Botanical Garden (Part 1)

    1. Is it close because of the virus or for some other reason? They are closing the parks here as well because common sense was not enough and people kept on assembling!

    1. Yep, it was the only serene place that day, it was pretty cloudy and rainy but there you could not perceive the busy traffic of the city 😊

    1. Thank you Ana, I am glad that you liked it. Do not hesitate to include the link the next time. I never reblog but I would be glad to make her some publicity! You are always so kind to me…. Lots of kisses

        1. Thank you Jeanne. I have just discovered about the earthquake that hit Zagreb. I am so sorry about it. I did not imagined it when I have published them. It has been a great place to practice. I hope to come back there very soon.

          1. It has been fairly syrong… 5.4 and they had damages to houses and monuments, at least one person died and they have bben scared of course. I only hope that there won’t be other episodes

          2. I grew up in California, where we had earthquakes all the time. There are always after shocks, and some of those can be just as strong as the main earthquake itself. But a 5.4, at least in California, is not that bad. All should be OK. I will have some more positive energy flowing that way.

          3. The fact is that in ancient cities, like Zagreb, 5.4 is a tragedy! Buildings are not meant to sustain all that shaking. It’s the everlasting problem that of the old continent πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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