Zagreb – Cathedral

Zagreb Cathedral is a master piece, typically Gothic, built in middle age.

It is dedicated to the assumption of Mary and it is the tallest cult building of the country.

It contains valuable objects from XI to XIX century.

I had the chance to book a cozy hostel right in front of it and I have enjoyed this view from the very first moment when I arrived until my departure.

Usually the best moment to take pictures is during the day but this building made an exception because, at night, it is perfectly enlightened.

I would have never thought to say that but the daylight does not do it justice!

Judge by yourselves…

17 thoughts on “Zagreb – Cathedral

  1. So beautiful. And such a testimony of the cultural unity of Europe. First time I went to Eastern Europe, Prague, and I saw the buildings and the churches, I realised how similar the architecture and the style…
    Grazie mille.
    Stay safe.

    1. Thank you Equinoxio. Yes, I am trying my best! I love the old continent from the bottom of my heart. Let’s just hope this tragedy will be over… They say we should reach the peak on the next week in Italy, that it’s pretty scaring but, at least, on the other side we could slowly approach to a fresh new start. I am longing to turn the page but in the meantime I wonder if we really have learned the lesson!

      1. Humans never really learn any lesson, but still, this time, the memory will remain for a while. My best wishes about reaching the peak. I look at the curves for Italy every night, waiting for an inflection point… I’ll let you know when I see it…
        Meanwhile… Stay home. (I’m getting cabin fever!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. I agree with you, we tend to repeat the past mistakes over and aver again. We pretend to own the planet but when mother nature strikes back it’s not a joke! Yes, our numbers are not good at all, let’s hope and patiently wait! My mood is strangely good, I take it for what it is, a necessity. There are infected people also of my age, it’s a story tale the thing that we are a country of old people! There are a lot of aged ones in Japan too, they are closer to China and they are located in the same temperate zone but they are behaving differently. I think in health matters only doctors should express themselves, politicians are making damages… as usual!

          1. Yes, only doctors should talk. And not all doctors at that. Some are as irresponsible as non-doctors. Glad you you are in a good mood. We too, as a matter of fact. I’m just concerned that it’s the small people who will be hit worse, as usual. Either health-wise, or economy-wise…
            I do nurture a small hope in discussions with fellow bloggers like you: hopefully politicians will have to change their ways… If we push hard enough.

          2. I have too. What we need is a radical change. Politically. And I’m not talking revolution (too old for that) but we, the “People” seriopusly need to reconsider how we delegate our power to those idiots, and make new rules: accountability is one. Firing them at will is another… IN California, they can fire the Governor…
            Stay safe Flavia.

          3. Dreaming is important. And we have the power to fire them. Let us never forget that. There will be Hell to pay after this is over.

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