Plitvice Lakes – Fauna

And today we virtually move to Croatia!

This is obviously only a small part of the animals you can find in Plitvice Lakes.

How I have lived this place and how I would have loved to spend more time there!

It was at the end of September and it was incredibly crowded of tourists.

I just hope to come back in another period of the year.

The whole place is a national park and as soon you enter you understand why.

Just for the chronicle it is here that I have started using my new camera and despite my arachnophobia I have practiced a lot with this pider!

Distance helps a lot in these cases!

There were lots of fishes as well…

And snakes! This is always the same but I have tried to make a better close up.

Nature is always amazing 😍

12 thoughts on “Plitvice Lakes – Fauna

  1. Amazing snake! 😮 And all the bestie. I was there in 1986, the only time. It was crowded but beautiful, we walked a lot, and then went to eat some grilled chicken that gave me sister an ugly case of salmonella poisoning. :p

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