Tarots Garden (Part 6)

Everyday we wake up in a world of fools but sometimes the fools seems crazier than ever while the certified insane seems to be the only kind harmless inhabitants of this planet.

These are the very last pictures of the Tarots Garden, before coming back to reality.

I just needed some more colors!

And I also wanted to thank you all the people that keep me updated with the daily craziness that is going on in my country!

Getting rid of the television results to be the best choice ever and selecting friends according to their sensitivity as well!

I am reconsidering a bunch of things in this period.


Reading a lot, more than usual I mean!

Any consideration about love? The photo here below is a detail from the above picture.

Lots of kisses to all of you!

28 thoughts on “Tarots Garden (Part 6)

  1. These really jump out of the computer screen !!
    Great finds.
    I hope the craziness settles down as we are fast running out of toilet paper, here in Australia!

  2. Love this garden – now I have seen it through Manja and through you – thank you! And the craziness has just started over here…

    1. Unfortunately craziness is everywhere nowadays 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s been a long time people tell me about this place but I have also discovered it thanks to Manja, and actually I visited it with her 😊

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