Tarots Garden (Part 2)

And today we continue this dreamy journey in Tarots Garden.

You will never find two similar objects. Here everything is original and unique.

The minds who conceived this place were inspured by parc Güell in Barcelona but here I have found something different.

The struggle, the fight against ourselves, the fears, the turbolent thoughts that take over when you are upset in a sort of “crescendo”.

Despite the many colors that hace been used I would not define it a happy place and I think that we have been lucky visiting it during a cloudy day, that somehow contributed to tgis feeling of oppression.

It is a place that need silence to be savoured, I just cannit imagine it under blue skies and crowds of screaming children!

This is not an amusement park, it is a journey park, a journey that everybody can take into herself/himself.

We all have demons to fight, here you will find a lot and the third part, with lots of mirrors and glasses, that reflect the image of the observer will remind you that, after all, the only place where you can find and win them is not outside, in this crazy park, you just have to look inside you!

13 thoughts on “Tarots Garden (Part 2)

  1. Great interpretation. That’s why there are mirrors and glasses, yes! As for the happy place… To me it brings great joy and tranquillity every time I visit. It’s a sanctuary, as it has been for Niki. You are safe there. And you’re right, it was the best thing that the day was cloudy and we were almost alone. And even better that your photos were not lost as you had feared. 😉

    1. Yes, I just could not stand the idea of having lost them. It has been an amazing visit for me and another day it would have been totally different! The fact of reconnecting to dark parts of ourselves is not necessarily a bad thing, after digging we can feel relieved, we can understand something new about ourselves, grow, evolve… This is not a place one can easily forget. I could sense the storm inside her head, that makes this place so true and vivid.

          1. Yes, there is the owner’s house (that I would define claustrophobic, because it is really too much!) and some more statues and constructions!

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