Viterbo – Windows (Part 3)

Again windows because I find something terribly poetic about them!

Nope, I am not thinking on the apartments and all the lives behind those windows!

I am just thinking to windows themselves, as objects that sometimes reflect the reality of the world outside and the amazing view from the street!

15 thoughts on “Viterbo – Windows (Part 3)

  1. Ohh lovely, such variety, and great light. I also never think about the lives or spaces behind the doors that I like, even though other bloggers tell me often that they do. I like them as such, just as you do with your windows.

    1. I like the fact that they are all different, different points of view, different perspectives,different colors, shapes, sizes… It is such an important part of the architecture of a building! 😍

  2. I never think about the lives behind windows I just enjoy what I am looking at as windows are just attention grabbing things we must see. You Always have these wonderful different colored windows to look at and enjoy.

  3. The one with the water spout is magnificent, and there’s a nice pink/peach coloured house with a balcony I’d like to sit on. 🙂 🙂

    1. My dear, let me tell yoy that in this case you would love lots and lots of places in Italy then! I hope this virus idiocy will be over soon so that you can come and enjoy this country!

      1. It’s all a bit crazy isn’t it? But very unfortunate for some. We’ve been to Italy many times and I’d love another visit. Maybe next April if I can manage it 🤗💕

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