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In this foolish period, where everybody is talking about corona virus and it seems that all the other diseases have disappeared from our Planet I am utterly fed up to hear about it, friends that call me only to give me the medical bulletin, city by city, day by day.

This is insane and I find much more dangerous this wave of panic than the virus itself.

By the way, we (Manja and me) wanted to propose you to join us, for one day, in Italy.

The date will be the 24th April 2021, so if you are among those who are scared, tell your self that by that date, the phantomatic virus should be over!

I met Manja at the end of last year and since then we keep on meeting almost every weekend, somewhere in between Rome and Capalbio (where she lives).

It depends on our plans, engagements, etc. but I have to say that it is always a big pleasure and an amazing adventure! She is a sunny person, always smiling, friendly, kind, funny, and lots more!

This Bloggers Meet Up came up as a joke between us but it is taking shape so we officially do what we originally wanted to do: extend the invitation to all of you!

Join us, for one day! Of course you could stay more, but should you want to visit this amazing country and spend one day with two special guides, this is the right moment!

Manja proposed the venue here below but of course it is a joke as well (or not?!).

We will keep you posted in the next days, just start thinking about it!

Lots of love,

Manja and Flavia

36 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet Up

    1. Yeeeeeaaah! It should be pretty warm in that period, in the very middle of spring but we will keep you posted with the weather forecast when approaching to the date! 💪☺️

      1. Well, we are isolated down here so we may be the last nation standing besides Greenland, without too many corona victims. The only time being so far away is an advantage.

        1. I am confident that by that day this idiocy will be over. It is not because I am Italian but they are making such a big deal of this situation. They have completely lost control, not in terms of security procedures, but in terms of communication. They are transmitting the idea of a zombie country, destinated to die isolated and sick. It is not like this. Italians might tend to panic and this is the product ignorance, journalists are selling more and someone else is speculating on it. You might catch the virus in any other country, you might already have it but you don’t know it and you will never discover it because you might be an healthy carrier. The situation looks so terrible in Italy only because people is requiring to do tampons. Should they start making them in Germany, France or anywhere else, you would see exactly the same situation.

          1. There are countries where they are not doing them at all but people keeps on dying for a bunch of different reasons everyday and everywhere. In theory you could have a bigger number of deceased for corona virus in another country and ignore it! People don’t die because of corona, they die also because of this. On a already proved body, the virus comes up, weakening it even more but officially the death cause is the other desease that was already in the organism, such as a flu or a bronchitis. If doctors don’t do any tampon, you might think that the patient passed away for a particularly strong bronchitis. What I mean is that in Italy we can make the difference because we are making tampons and checking what is going on in the organism, other countries are not so we look like the zombies and other like the healthies! Last but not least, this virus has always existed but affected more the animals, now it has started to hit also humans but people might have died because of it even before the scandal came up. Once again, it is a small percentage, this is why I am not worried at all. I have more possibilities of dying in a car crash, that’s it. 😉

          2. Yes, I see now. I was worries you might have meant the other form of the word tampon – that ladies use internally… Lol. I can see now how complex this issue is.

    1. No worries, we still have plenty of time to choose another location 😈😂 Manja won’t be mad at us, she already knows I was not a fan of her proposal 😂😅

      1. Hehe! This location would be fine – lots of fun to photograph for Friendly Friday themes, however I would be happier if there are some conveniences nearby!

        1. This one is in Viterbo, roughly 70 km from Rome. We’ll see what we can do, we have a lot of ideas and things to propose you. We will end up by opening a travel agency💪😂

      2. Unsure if my previous comment weren’t through – it could have been the wi-fi or cellular signal on my phone. I think I said something along the lines of – the location is wonderful for photography but facilities nearby would be appreciated too!

          1. She is really a volcano, I really mean it, you’ll see it by yourself 😂 some weeks ago she sent me a list of places that she wanted to visit in her surrounding area, it was simply everything (or almost!). She is an enthusiastic and a very curious person. Two valuable qualities in every field. She always has a plan B, but also C, D, etc. I have “tested” her stress resistance, the last time, we met in the middle of nowhere and we definitely had to quit that place, she came up with 6 different proposition in a row, that is even more impressive because she is not Italian and I know the area better than her!

          2. HIhihihi!!! Well, I’ve never been called this before! 😀 Actually, I’m afraid of volcanoes and have a feeling that immediately after arriving in Napoli or Sicily, their volcanoes would erupt! That’s why I haven’t been there before! 😀

            You’re very kind, Flavia, and Amanda as well. Thank you for all you both said here, I had a nice giggle. And I’m happy to have you here too.

    1. No worries Lynette. I am planning to go to Spain but I still ignore the dates, it depends on lots of factors. I will keep you posted. By the way, should you have any preferences for the country do not hesitate to tell me. I travel relatively often (but never as much as I would like!)…

  1. Oh, cuánto me gustaría estar ahí. No puedo, pero no estaría mal hacer algo así a tu posible paso por España, algún día… 😁

    1. Te promito que en cuanto puedas haré un salto allí. Soy enamorada de tu país maravilloso y encantador. Quería salir por la semana santa. Tengo un amigo en Andalucía y llevamos años hablando de vernos por este periodo. No sé si será posible este año pero te avisaré sin duda💪

  2. I absolutely will seriously consider this for next year! I would like to visit Italy again, and I would enjoy meeting with other bloggers. I would travel of course with some family and I have a good feeling about this potential trip.

  3. Manja warned me that this was in development. I’d love an excuse to go back to Italy but timing, time off work, money, and my own health situation will all be factors in the decision. If it is possible though, I would love to do a meet-up like this.
    In the meantime I hope the public panic dissipates quickly before it hits tourism too badly.

    1. Hi Norm, first of all, take good care of your self, then should it be possible, according also to the other factors, we will be delighted to have you here. Now one step at a time! With regards to the tourism situation I am afraid it is already badly impacted 🤦🏻‍♀️one of my closest friends is a biologist. She says that they might mistake the local flu virus with the corona one. In any case it will still be some kind of flu that becomes potentially dangerous for aged and already sick people. Let’s only hope that a good journalist will come up with some answers. Fear ia making more damages than the virus itself🤦🏻‍♀️

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