Lions of Viterbo

Viterbo is an ancient city, fairly close to Rome.

Its symbol is a lion and you will find it repeteadly on many buildings of the city.

You will find it represented in every possible way, on statues, coats of arms, flags, etc.

The lion reminds of the Hercules’s myth, who used to wear a lion rest.

The coat of arms of the city is represented by a lion and a palm tree.

11 thoughts on “Lions of Viterbo

  1. Lion, hm… Well, I was there, as you know, and I can’t swear I’d be able to answer that the symbol of the city is. πŸ˜€ Your photos convince me of it. Well spotted! Which reminds of my Ljubljana dragon post that I still need to make.

    1. Yes, you definitely need to do that because you really need to spread love, dragons and your city culrure all over the world and because I am a dragons fan and I am waiting for your post! I have scheduled the next days on Viterbo. Get ready! πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ

    1. I think they were fascinated by this animal that actually is magnificent and since many centuries a symbol of power, just like the eagle. Humans are addicted to power and like to show it off! The other city were I have seen so many lions (but of course there are lots more in Europe, like you said) is Skopje, in North Macedonia. An incredible quantity of Lions and Statues, I have never seen anything similar in all of my life. I will post you the link of another post down here ☺️

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