37 thoughts on “Sevilla – Ceramic (Part 1)

  1. Wooowww! It seems as if I never saw photos of Sevilla before. The one that says Cordoba above with the map below is especially wonderful. I would refuse to leave this place. And the last one!! <3

    1. This is one of the best compliments I have ever received 😍 thank you my dear. I am downloading the pictures of Viterbo and scheduling some other post for Spain. Can you wait a couple of weeks or is it too much? Otherwise go with yours, don’t worry😅😘

    1. I have never seen anything similar in all of my life and it would be nice if someone, reading this post, could point out that, somewhere in the world, exist a similar place because I would like to visit it ☺️

      1. Well, the restaurant was a short walk from the Plaza Mayor. But I know that’s not terribly helpful since I don’t recall the name. 🤔 However, Toledo had some tiled walks and benches.

        I visited Toledo one June after Corpus Christi and would like to return for that feast. Some of the residents still had their garden gates open, revealing beautiful patios, and the decaying garlands of herbs smelled wonderful.

        1. I know Toledo and I understand what you mean. I had the same feeling in Cordoba but still I cannot remember another city with so many ceramic tiles. What is for sure is that Spain is an endless source of surprises 😍

          1. That was the point of my first comment: I saw some here and there but nothing like that. I thought your response was that you wanted to know where more were.

          2. Yes, it is. I would love to see more art in our cities, more colors because in Seville one can breath joy! You just made me think of a small village in Sicily. They make handcrafted objects, very colorful it despite its dimensions, a very little one, it is a feast for the eyes as well ☺️

    1. It’s a good point, Tanja. As far as I know Seville is not subject to big storms and hopefully its protected location helps or maybe they replace the damaged tiles from time to time 🤔 I will have to investigate!

  2. Sevilla (same like Cordoba) are greatly benefiting from the the influence of the maur architecture and its suberb taste for detailing and ornamentation.

    1. Si, la llevo en mi cabeza esta canción. Creo que he puesto esta frase en mi primero o segundo post sobre Sevilla… Sevilla tan sonriente, yo me lleno de alegría cuando hablo con su gente… 😍🤗

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