Ostia Lido – Sunset on the Beach (Part 10)

Do you practice any kind of meditation, mindfulness or any other technique to restablish your mental balance?

There is only one thing that never fail to return me my peace of mind and here you go, this is my method!

I have never been a zen person but I believe in self improvement, personal growth, etc.

Lately I am reading a lot of books about this subject.

Maybe it’s too early to see the effects of my change but the sea can transform me in an instant!

There are counselors, writers, etc. that recommend to write down every morning at least 3 things that we are grateful for.

I will share with you my list for today:

  1. Sea

  1. Sunsets

  1. Friends

What about you?

6 thoughts on “Ostia Lido – Sunset on the Beach (Part 10)

    1. I am becoming a bird’s fan too, everything depended on my camera, go figure! By the way I see that sunsets are a constant! All sunsets lovers! I am afraid that the dawns ones are in minority!

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