Edinburgh – Everyday Life

Yesterday I have showed you some monuments and important places for the city of Edinburgh.

Today I want to show you some ordinary stuff, places and things with no peculiar history but with a strong personality, as everything that is related to this city.

Here you have some statues

Pub signs



I have a theory: who needs extravagant and fancy things when one can enjoy what he/she has… enjoy sone very little and ordinary things. We only need to train our eyes and learn to seek beauty in everyday life.

Edinburgh is amazing, besides the overshot monuments, and I am really longing to come back there!

14 thoughts on “Edinburgh – Everyday Life

    1. What a good idea tidalscribe! I have never considered the train because I don’t live in Great Britain but it must be amazing getting there this way. I think I will plan my next visit accordingly to this vision, I will land somewhere else and finally catch a train to get to Edinburgh! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜

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