Edinburgh – Monuments

I find monuments always irritating, they celebrate victories, a sort of silly grandeur, a history that is always written by winners so uninteresting because it is always incomplete.

Most of the time the result is a terribly boring self complacent indulgence, in this case I have found history, harmony, charm.

Scotland is magic!

Scotland is beauty!

Scotland is mistery!

Scotland is history!

Scotland is personality!

Scotland is breathtaking landscapes!

I would say also a lot of rain, but I have to admit I have been lucky!

And Edinburgh is a fabulous compendium of all these characteristics!

29 thoughts on “Edinburgh – Monuments

    1. Yes, I should but no one ever offered me anything similar. In Slovenia people say that their country spread the love around becaise the word “love” is contained in the world Slovenia. I like to think that I spread love and beauty with this blog… It’s very ambitious, I know! 😂 The fact is that tgere are so many beautiful places to visit and I am grateful for having had the chance to visit some of them. Then with Edinburgh it has been love at first sight so yes, I imagine that something leaks out! 😂

        1. Eh oui ! The fact is that I had and I am still having lots of bugs due to this blog migration. I moved it to an external host and I could not access anymore with my previous account

          1. Yes, it is has been a kind of nightmare, and for some aspects it still bugs! But let’s say I have more freedom and storage space now!

          2. I guess like all transitions it takes time. Just bought a new Mac in january, they have changed so many things I’m still fighting the darn machine half the time… Eventually I will overcome… 🙂

          3. I cannot stand Mac, I am a Windows addicted so now I am imagine what would it have been this migration with a mac😱😅let’s the glass half full then💪

          4. I was Windows most my life. But 6 years ago, my PC fried. Managed to retrieve the hard disk, but I didn’t want to start again with a new WIndows version. So I switched to Mac. Set it up in two hours, including my files and programs. Two hours! Amazing. You can’t do that on Windows.
            This is my third Mac, and I’m very happy with it. On the other hand, I don’t understand Android… 🙂 I normally use an iphone, except when I’m in France where I have an Android. I confess: I don’t understand Android… 🙂
            All my systems are Apple and I’m quite used to it.
            Having said that, if you don’t have Photoshop yet, download it. basic rent is cheap.

          5. It is a matter of habits I think even if I heard lots of people switching to Mac and not being able to come back to Windows! I have tried to get accustomed to a Mac and I used ot for several months at work, that means at least 8 hours per day. It drove me crazy, it was a inner reject luckily tgat I have no prejudice against photoshop😂

          6. Good for Photoshop. I think the Apple operating system can be cryptic if you’re not used to it. I understand Android users don’t like Iphone…
            Buon finale di settimana Flavia.

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