Edinburgh – Street Art

This is a cleaning up period for me so from time to time I will propose you some puctures from my past travels.

These are from Edinburgh in 2016, a city that I have loved in a way I cannot fully express.

The weather was oddly good, I caught up with a friend who was already there and we have walked like crazies for 2 days.

Definitely not enough for such a beautiful city, in fact I am longing to come back!

We will start with some Street Art for today!

Enjoy the tour!

13 thoughts on “Edinburgh – Street Art

    1. Yes and I am sure you eould love it! I will post more pictures in the next days. Santa Flavia cannot fix this bug. Sometimes comments are allowed and some others not. I don’t understand why because they are enabled by default. Go figure🤦🏻‍♀️

  1. I love the poster on the phone booth.

    Semi-relevantly, there aren’t many of those red phone booths left. I was in London earlier this week and saw someone selling coffee out of one.

    1. I love it too, Ellen, and made me laugh like when I took the shot.
      I am afraid that they have left them only because it makes so folkloric. It is a shame because they were so nice!

    1. Yes Anabel, it is already on my list and of course I will keep you posted ☺️ to tell you tge truth part of my interest in your country is due to your posts. I already knew you had some beautiful landscapes but you gave me some inspiration!

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