Patanella Oasis

There are places where it should be mandatory to go in order to understand how mankind is a presence, not even that necessary to this world – Franco Zuccaro

This sign is located nearby the entrance of Patanella Oasis.

I mentioned it yesterday in the post about flamingos.

It is an amazing protected area, mainly composed by pines and other trees.

I have found it so relaxing, despite the swamp smell, that I wanted to dedicate a post just for it!

And you, do you ever take a moment just for you, to stroll into the wild nature?

10 thoughts on “Patanella Oasis

        1. I love the way you mix the 2 languages☺️but your translation is even more faithful than mine. The exact word infact is spirit but it sounded too new age to my ears so I took a poetic license and used “presence”! The meaning does not change that much: we are not necessary to this world and as agent Smith said in Matrix, we are a virus to this planet! Here we go, if you haven’t done it yet, add Matrix to your movies list! I have just loved it!

          1. Hahha, that’s right, virus is what we are. Oh yes, I’ve seen them all, the Matrixes. I loved them until the moment when Neo could ask for anything and then he asks for more guns. 😀 😀 Thank you, Flavia, but I still prefer your translation. 🙂

          2. Have you noticed the red halo behind the black cat? I am starting to think that, after all, this avatar is much more in line with the period I am living! Saint Flavia😂 despite of that I have loved the guns scene in Matrix. It is easier when you know it is only a fiction!

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