Flamingos in Maremma

When birdwatching you should need a big professional camera, mine is only a small compact so unfortunately the result is a little bit blurry.

We were in a corner of Patanella Oasis, a protected area where you can admire flamingos and other species of birds.

In the picture here below you can see at least 4 different species, it is impressive how they share the same habitat in peace.

We have so much to learn from nature…

Here above they are sleeping while here below they are discretely taking distance from us!

We were silent but of course we are part of the most disturbing species of the world. Sigh!

These 2 shots are my favorite, there is all the elegance and perfection of Mother Nature!

22 thoughts on “Flamingos in Maremma

  1. Yes, this is my problem too, not enough zoom. Now we can understand the looong lenses. 😀 They are useful when flamingos discreetly run away from us. 😉 That is my favourite photo. And if you think that by next weekend they were gone…

  2. Very well done. Reminded me of the flamingoes in Kenya, Nakuru, Naïvasha, Hannigton. Didn’t know you had them in Italy. 🙂
    There must be a lot of shrimps for the flamingoes to be so dark pink.

        1. To you. Because I totally ignored that they ate shrimps😳☺️ I have always listened to to this algae story that I just thought they were fond of fish and basta but now the shrimps make me think of a sophisticated animal 😂

          1. Felicity the flamingo is a character invented by my friend Tiffany Choong. Wrote a story with her. “A night in Penang”. If you like I can give you the link.

  3. Despite the inconvenience of your camera, your photos reflect the exceptional quality of being able to capture flamingos in all its expletor. The serei of shots allow us to contemplate the magestuosity of these birds. regards

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