Birds of Maremma

I would love to make a gallery of all the beautiful creatures that live or cross Maremma for a part of the year.

Here there are only those that I have been lucky enough to watch.

I don’t know all the species, but I am documenting!

The orange duck here below, for example, has been a real surprise! The two behind with the read head are mallards and the brown one in front of them is a female of the same species.

Up to here we are fine!

Then I ignore the name of most of them!

This one here below I have named Mr. Scrooge because it makes me think of Dickens character.

As you can see most of the pictures are blurry, they were really distant and my camera couldn’t zoom that far.

These 2 shots you might have already seen them in the post named Capalbio – Miscellaneous and I am particularly proud of them!

Another post about flamingo birds will follow!

13 thoughts on “Birds of Maremma

  1. Lovely images and a good representation. I like it how zoom in, you can feel the birds’ personalities in this way.

    I call your Mr. Scrooge Inspector Mumbly as I’m reminded of that cartoon. And I love it how you call flamingos – flamencos! I never connected the name of the dance with these birds.

    As for the orange duck, when I posted it in my “We were tourists” post, Bushboy from Australia commented that it was a Ruddy Shelduck and that you don’t see it often. So now we now that we were lucky again. 🙂

    1. I particularly loved the 9th as well. I love when they all sit in lines, like if they were all observing a very intense scene or discussing about important facts😊

  2. Without a doubt, the birds must be very grateful that you have been able to make the best of their beauty to expose it to the public. Your photos are great and I enjoy them.

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