Capalbio – Doors

I have been to Capalbio with Manja.

Manja is a Doors passionate (just like me with windows!).

I used to take pictures of strange Doors from times to times even before meeting her but now it has become inevitable!

Manja, my friend, this post is for you.

One thousand times thank you for the getaway, the laughs, the relaxing strolls, the chatting, the feedbacks and your constant support what ever I do!

And many thanks to Fonzie as well for his marvelous temperament and sweetness ❤️

24 thoughts on “Capalbio – Doors

  1. Dear Flavia, thank you so much again. What a wonderful post! <3 Doors and bestia, what else could I wish for? 😉 The photo with the clouds in the door is the most beautiful door photo that I have seen in a long time. I hope santa Flavia, the saint of bloggers, fixes all problems eventually. 🙂 Good luck! And welcome back here any time!

    1. Santa Flavia is getting crazy! I am seriuosly thinking that I’ll become a webmaster against my will!!!

  2. So very nice to visit you. Please do not take into account if you don’t see me here sometimes (because I really like to come and admire your images). The thing is I still don’t see your posts coming in on the feed of my reader’s section and I don’t receive them in email inbox either. So sad. But I’ll keep coming. What a dog!😍 I love the colours and light in the fifth photo.

  3. Such colourful doors, Flavia! I am a door fan too, but lately I look at other posts of doors rather than post them, myself. Thus, I enjoyed seeing these immensely! The turquoise door and the one set in brickwork with matching terracotta tile steps and terracotta flecks, in the surrounding bricks, really caught my eye. Do you think they set the surrounding bricks with those colour highlights in those spots deliberately?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Forestwood. I would say yes, just because in the past we used to have so many artists but who knows? 🤔😉

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