Welcome to my new blog!

After hours and hours, days and days, trying to figure out how to make this migration in the smoothest way I have understood that there was no easy way!

Maybe there is never… life is messy and technology even more for us, common mortals!
By the way, I am glad you have found your way here!

As you can see, there have been only a few, inevitable, changes.
I have transferred all the content from the previous blog, so you and I should be able to find all the posts that we liked the most here as well.
The tags and categories in the footer down here, plus the search feature will helpful.
This has been tricky but thanks to the infinite patience of Luca (one of the Aruba IT guys) everything has been fixed!
By the way, should you notice any missing parts, bugs or incoherences please do not hesitate to inform me!In the last months we have grown together and with my greatest surprise I have found lots of friends, followers and very interesting acquaintances.This blog was meant as my personal archive (as I have always had technology issues with many devices! 🤪) but it can also be a place to meet and discuss, exchange, learn, discover…
I mean it for all of us!
I know that some of you do not like changes but they are an important part of lives and there is not a way that we can really avoid them! To soften this transition I promise I will post more. I really enjoy exchanging with all of you and in a blink of an eye you will forget that a change has ever occurred!!! 😉
And to answer to the most immediate question, I don’t know why I am posting so many birds! I don’t like plain posts, let’s take it as a wish to fly higher and higher!
Lots of love,




14 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. I’m so glad that you’re happy with your change and it all went smooth. This blog looks pretty much the same as previous one, so it won’t be too big a difference for your followers. I’m just not sure if I need to follow it again or it’s automatic. I can’t see the follow button anywhere. I will report if your new posts appear in my Reader. I think this one didn’t.

    Beautiful bird photos! You don’t need a reason to post bird photos. 😉 Always nice to see.

    No problems encountered, except the featured photo is a bit too low-resolution. And maybe you can insert a line between the text and a photo so that your post breathes (I see that on the top you did it, but towards the bottom you stopped).

    To many more happy and beautiful moments captured! <3

    1. Thank you so much my dear. I have tried to keep it as similar as possible to the old one. There are still things I cannot do but you know I don’t give up😈💪

  2. Congratulations! Tiene muy buen aspecto y las fotos, como siempre, son increíbles. Los pájaros necesitan emigrar y volar alto o bajo, pero vuelan al fin y al cabo😊. (una cosa: no aparece el botón de “seguir” tu sitio. ¿Es suficiente con suscribirme vía correo para que aparezcan las nuevas entradas en el feed de lector?)

    1. No se que ha pasado, ayer ha sido un día tan largo para mi. Ahora tendría que ser solucionado. Hay un follow button también. Como quieras 😄

      1. ¿Dónde está el follow button?. The thing is I received your reply to my previous comment as a notification in my feed, but your last post does not appear in it, not even via email (and I subscribed to it). I had to click on your name (in your reply) in order to gain access to your new site. I hope I’m not giving you a headache; just to let you know.

        1. No tengo ni idea de lo que está pasando. Puedo ver nuevo usuarios que se han dado de alta en la nueva pagina, puedo ver el botón pero es cierto que aún tiene unos problemillos que resolver. También he escrito otra vez a la asistencia porqué me habian garantizado una migración completa de todos los contactos y todavía me encuentro sin mi viejos followers. Te tendré al día 😘

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