Monastery of San Bruzio

We will go on with our tour of Maremma (a part of Tuscany) and today let me bring you to tge Monastery of San Bruzio.

It is a rare example of Romanic Style, hidden in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields… that in my humble opinion makes it even more interesting.

It has been built in XI Century but its origins are still controversial.

10 thoughts on “Monastery of San Bruzio

    1. Time is ruthless but they have made an excellent work if it still survives after 1000 years. How many today’s construction will lasts that long? By the way I have an idea, it might have collapsed because of an earthquake. There was a part on the side that was splitted into 2, detached, and I have seen the same effect before in other damaged buildings in Italy

  1. Wow. This is beautiful. I actually got chills and became emotional looking at Your lovely pictures. We’ll have to find our way there someday! Thank You for sharing! Cheers!!! 🙂

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