Porto Santo Stefano by night

Greetings from a place that reminds me my youth! When I was in my twenties and did not have much money (but already addicted to travels!) I never missed the opportunity for a getaway with friends in the South of Tuscany!

It is relatively close to Rome and we often drove here as soon as we were off!

We used to sleep in tents and campings, we watched at the stars, we laughed like crazy and always had stroll in Santo Stefano during the evening.

The dog in this picture is Fonzie! Manja do you recognize him?

The dog in this picture is Fonzie! Manja do you recognize him?

I miss the simplicity of those times but Santo Stefano and this part of Maremma still keep their charm.

18 thoughts on “Porto Santo Stefano by night

  1. Ohhhh I love these photos and your memories… in fact in my 20s I went to Santo Stefano with a friend via car and was so smitten… it was my first visit to an Italian seaside town and always wished to return… your photos bring back these memories thank you ❤️

  2. It was truly glorious and such a peaceful scene. Thanks for sharing it with me. And to think about it, nobody in Slovenia (and probably elsewhere too) knows that Porto Santo Stefano exists and where it is.

        1. Many thanks to you Rozina. This time I was not alone but, do you know, I never feel lonely because I know that when I am going to share the memories of my travel and reflections I will always have a feedback from the WordPress community!

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