8 thoughts on “Ostia – On the Beach

  1. I love shells. I tend to carry some in my coat pockets in case an alien lands so that I can lie to it that they are our currency. 😀 On our beach there are shells just like yours. But zero stones and umbrellas (now), only sand (and some wood and plastic).

    1. Here they have ruined the shore and also the landscape ðŸ˜Đ they have made a business out of nothing but the problem is that people is attending these places just like if it was normal!

  2. Lovely shells and stones. Being a surfer from California, I had a hard time adjusting to Italian beaches with all of those umbrellas and reserved spots. Very different from my days on the beach.

    1. I totally agree with you Allen, beaches should be free and always available. Here instead we have walls and buildings that obstruct the view. In the South we still have some wild and free spots where you can enjoy the sea with no trace of human beings!

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