Bagnaia – Windows

And here you have some windows… These 2 here below remind me of Prague but the light was warm just like in Rome.I like when buildings are close to each others and have different colors, windows and somehow also different architecture.Diversity can only make us richer, it is a plus, not a minus!These ones here above are my favorite because they are all different.Which are yours and why?I also like this one with the round upper part because it reminds me of Sicily.

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  1. Comments are back! 🙂 Well done for this last reflection. I love the most the one with all diverse windows because diversity indeed enriches us. What a lovely day we had. I’m choosing doors right now.

  2. I like the one of six windows – each one different. That building reminds me of the one across the narrow Swiss street in Sierre where our daughter lives. Like you, I am fascinated by windows and various rooflines.

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