Rome – Street Art in Ostiense District (Part 2)

Looking for Street Art in Ostiense District.

These shots are the result of a lovely afternoon with Manja.

Strolling around in one of my favorite districts of Rome…

Today I had the blues and I just needed to cheer up with some good memories!

Next time I will join you Manja!

And here are some of the many faces of Blu (one of my favorite Street Art Artists), but of course it is a totally different kind of blue! 🤪

34 thoughts on “Rome – Street Art in Ostiense District (Part 2)

          1. Yes it is in Europe and other countries here in Canada it is frowned on by the laws we have. I still love street art as a art form that pleases the eye and minds and hearts of the viewers.

    1. That one is relatively new and it seems it has been painted with a special solution, able to attract and retain pollution particles. Thank you for stopping by Anabel😘

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