Rome – Street Art in Ostiense District (Part 2)

Looking for Street Art in Ostiense District.

These shots are the result of a lovely afternoon with Manja.

Strolling around in one of my favorite districts of Rome…

Today I had the blues and I just needed to cheer up with some good memories!

Next time I will join you Manja!

And here are some of the many faces of Blu (one of my favorite Street Art Artists), but of course it is a totally different kind of blue! 🤪

36 thoughts on “Rome – Street Art in Ostiense District (Part 2)

  1. Good memories indeed! <3 I love all your photos but especially your wolf photo, much better than mine. It really got to me, his eyes. I'm sure we will cheer each other up more often. Sweet dreams!

          1. Yes it is in Europe and other countries here in Canada it is frowned on by the laws we have. I still love street art as a art form that pleases the eye and minds and hearts of the viewers.

    1. That one is relatively new and it seems it has been painted with a special solution, able to attract and retain pollution particles. Thank you for stopping by Anabel😘

  2. Attenti al lupo… 😉 A very nice selection Flavia. Amazing how street art can change style and subjects so much form one country or culture to the other…

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