Ostia Port – Sparrows (Part 2)

This is the second part of this fun photo shooting that I had the chance to do… This little sparrow seems to realize that I am staring at him…

Think about it and fake to be indifferent…

And then burst out complaining!

It made me laugh out loud but he might have been right, it is extremely rude to stare at people or Sparrows!

This other one here above looked upset as well but it is one of my few shots of which I am proud!

I am still working on the technical side!

I loved to go to the port because of the sea, the boats and now also the sparrows!

It is something I definitely have to do once again!

32 thoughts on “Ostia Port – Sparrows (Part 2)

  1. Here we have the North Carolina Wrens, which we call “buddy birds.” The same family has been here on our porch for five years demanding to be fed. We oblige.

  2. Oh, oh, oh, oh!!! It makes me want to sing Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely/isn’t she wonderful/isn’t she precious?…” Madre mía qué bonito 😍, Flavia. No puedo explicarlo… Parece que vayan a decir algo de verdad. Se sienten como una estrella frente al paparazzi 😂 Qué formar de posar para el artista!!

  3. My favorite shot is the one where the sparrow is staring straight back with a grumpy expression on his face! Looks like how I feel when the alarm goes off in the early mornings!
    Great work, thanks for sharing!

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